02 Jan 2013

Joomladay Melbourne

As a special offer to all members of the Melbourne Joomla Group (and their friends), the MJUG organising committee have just announced a special discount off the price of tickets for the Melbourne Joomalday. Use the coupon code MJUG2013 when you book your conference tickets at http://melbourne.joomladay.org.au to receive 25% off the ticket cost.

Book your ticket now!

Nine Fantastic Workshops

Even though I wrote about the line up for the Joomladay just a few weeks ago, I thought it was worth reminding you of how incredible this event promises to be.

There is a great mix of local and international talent for both the workshops and the conference sessions, covering all facets of design and development for all levels of Joomla users.

  • Anthony Olsen - Mastering the Art of the Zen Framework $95, Thursday 1pm-4pm
  • Patrick Jackson - Joomla SEO $150, Thursday 9am-4pm
  • Brian Teeman - Joomla 2.5 for Beginners $120, Friday 9am-12pm
  • Max Lynam - Joomla Website Optimisation... Increase Conversions and Success Online $97, Friday 9am - 12pm
  • Brian Teeman - Introduction to Joomla 3.x $120 Friday 1pm-4pm
  • Andre Fetterman - How to Build Responsive Templates from scratch $80, Friday 1pm-4pm
  • Norm Douglas - Joomla 'The Correct Way' $150 9am-4pm
  • Brian Teeman - Joomla Website Security - "prevention is better for a cure but we can heal the sick as well" $120 9am-12pm
  • Tim Plummer - Joomla Component Development Workshop $80 9am-12pm
  • Brian Teeman - Building a Joomla Multi-Lingual Web Site $120 1pm-4pm
  • Peter van Westen - NoNumber Extensions - Bring It On! $175 9am-4pm

Come and say Hi.

One of the strange things about running a web based business, is that it's rare that we get to meet our users face to face.

I wrote about how refreshing it is to actually sit with people and talk about Joomla after going to my inaugural Joomladay late last year in Sydney. Meeting people face to face helps to place people in context, gives a body and sometimes a face to an avatar, and is a good reminder that while the work we do is highly technical and mediated by technology, it is ultimately for people who live in the real world.

So if you live in Melbourne, or Australia for that matter, come along and say hi!

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