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a free animated skillset Joomla 3+ module - Free extension

Mod Skillset features three different layouts that help portray your skills / character and activity. As the user scrolls down the module animates the progress bar, counts up to the desired number or encircles the nominated value.



  • Displays an animated list of skills, competencies, characteristics
  • Dynamic administrator with live preview of front end display
  • Three unique layouts - circular, count up and skillsbar.
  • Easily change colour of the items in the skill bar or circle layouts


Joomla 3+

Live Examples

The Skillset module was featured in our Joomla template called Client.

View a live demo




The circular layout displays each item inside a circle that animates to the specified % value for that item. eg a 100% the circle will fill the entire circle around the item or 50% will only fill half of the circle.



Skills Bar

The animated skills bar animates each bar to the valkue specified in each item. To be effective the value needs to be at least 20%.



Count Up

The count up layout counts from 0 to the value specified for that item.



Screenshots of settings


You can easily preview the display of your module in the admin.


Dynamically add a new skill / quality / characteristic


Select an item in the skillbar or the circular display to change the colour.




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