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Problem with Hamburger Icon and a community builder button not being clickable

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Hi, I've been using the Responsive2 template since it came out on one site that used community builder and have had two problems show up that we can't fix.

Our menu is in the sidebar menu and has 5 entries. All work as expected and one can easily return to the flyout menu using the hamburger icon. That is, except after selecting the menu link to the community builder profile. The hamburger icon appears but cannot be selected. The only way to recover menu function is to click on a separate link on the page that returns you to the home page. Some JavaScript conflict we imagine but cannot find it.

The second is a similar situation that has only recently happened. We use community builder's blog posting feature which has a button that lets a user create a new blog. For two or three years, that button could be clicked to create a blog.

Today, although the button appears fine, it cannot be clicked. An error message appears:

The button select issue disappears when we use Breeze3 or other template so we are sure it's something conflicting on this template. The problem with the menu 'hamburger icon' not selectable in the menu we cannot test since it's unique to the Responsive2 template.

Can you assist us in resolving these issues?
Thank you,
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zentoolsIf you use Zentools please post a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

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