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Main Content Area for Client, Base3 and Hub

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For pages that are not Front Page: If I choose the all positions template in Client ( and other similar page templates in the other two templates) and set the main area to be shown, it won't show unless a module is placed in (I believe) one of the sidebar positions (I tested sidebar1). Actually, it won't show unless, in the Layout section of T3, the Mainbody and a sidebar position are selected to be shown. A mainbody alone position will not shown any articles, category information etc. in the category assigned to the menu item ( I have K2 and ZenKit installed).

I looked at the php code for mainbody block and if there are no sidebars then the maincontent block will be displayed. Looking at the maincontent block code, I don't see how the mainbody area will be loaded as it isn't mentioned to be shown (breadcrumbs, aboveconetnt, messages, and belowcontent are mentioned).

The strange thing is that this does not apply to the front page even using the same sub templates (I tested) and showing the category's articles etc. without a sidebar module.

I tested one other subtemplate and the results were the same.

If I can add anymore information please let me know. But the code seems to keep the mainbody block from displaying without a sidebar present.


I searched for this problem in the forum and knowledge base but did not find anything.
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The logic for the main content position is done before the mainbody or main-content blocks are called in spotlight.php

1. Mainbody will load if there is a sidebar published and is also assigned in the template layout.
2. If there are no sidebars then the spotlight gets skipped and the mainbody block loads without any checks.
3. If the sidebar is not assigned to a page but is published then the spotlight loads but the mainbody wont load

So if you have a sidebar module assigned to those pages but the position is not in the template then the main content will not show. Unpublish the sidebar for that menu item and the main content will display.

Hope that helps.

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zentoolsIf you use Zentools please post a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

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