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Hey everyone,

I wanted to showcase my first Joomla production site that I launched two weeks ago...

This site is meant to promote the upcoming event, marketCHARLOTTE, which is being organized by nine local, not-for-profit marketing related professional groups. The production timeline was incredibly tight, less than a week to design and implement everything, so I relied on the original template a bit more than I typically prefer; however, I'm quite pleased with the results. (Not to knock Anthony's work by any means, I just really enjoy adding a lot of customization for most of my clients so that they feel their site is unique among any others I produce).

Implementation was a breeze. I used K2 to create the appropriate categories and underlying site structure. Collaborated with a team who helped write all of the copy. I added my custom designed logo and then uploaded all of the retouched speaker photos before organizing the final modules.

Speaking of modules, ZenTools was invaluable in this process because it allowed me a very flexible module with clean and consistent solutions. I'm still just getting my feet wet with Javascript and the jQuery library, so trying to code custom elements like these would have been impossible with my current skills.

The site includes the following...
- Joomla 2.5 with...
- ZenTools modules placed in a variety of ways to assist quick, dynamic lists
- Typekit integration

The end result:
A high-end looking event website that functions quite nicely along any device or browser, but required a minimum amount of time. There are still some tweaks that need to be finished. Somehow the code for the "Back to Top" feature is wonky and only displaying the black rectangle anchor. Also I need to take stock of our event sponsors and update the Sponsors category, but all in due time.

I'm planning on launching two more production sites within the next two weeks. One of which will be highly customized. I look forward to showing you all!

Hope you like it!

-Tyler Morrison
Owner / Graphic Artist
Counterpoint Studio, LLC
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Hi Tyler,

Really great work.

Just tweeted it for you :P

You may want to disable lazy load as at the moment the carousel images aren't loading until the user scrolls down the page.

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zentoolsIf you use Zentools please post a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

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