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JB Snapshots - Joomla quickstart installations

Joomla quickstart installations


The Joomlabamboo Snapshots are the next generation of quickstart installers for our templates. While our previous quickstart packages were complete replicas of what you see on our demo site, the snapshots are customised Joomla installations that provide the perfect launching pad for you to start building your site.

snapshot overview

Selecting the core package

We have two core packages that comprise the base for the snapshots. These are essentially two varieties of default Joomla installation.

The base package (JB Snapshot Core Base) is nothing more than a slightly optimised Joomla installation combined with all of our modules and plugins as well as the Simpla admin template.

While the plus package (JB Snapshot Core Plus) is an enhanced installation with some must have free third party Joomla installations.


Template Snapshots available:

Whats in the plus package?

The plus package contains a default Joomla installation, all of our modules and plugins, the Simpla Joomla admin template plus the following third party Joomla extensions:

  • Joomlapack: Site backup
  • JCE: The best content editor for Joomla
  • XMap: Site Map
  • Google Analytics Plugin: Analytics
  • UpdateMan: Effortlessly updating Joomla
  • Extended Menu: Our menu of choice
  • Ninja Explorer: File Manager for your site.


Snapshots that are installable via the Joomla installer that load the information required for each specific template. Providing the raw layout info that gets populated in to the Joomla database.

Please note that the core package can not be used in a current or existing Joomla installation as it is a complete Joomla installation in and of itself. Also please ensure that you take a complete backup of your site before using any of the snapshots available for download.

Sample Data

A small range of Sample Data options to help create the starting point for your site.

At the moment you can choose between:

  • a completely blank sample data installation
  • sample data based on a services website.

Setting up the snapshots

Step1: Install the Core package as per any joomla install or quickstart and apply the sample data. The Zen Grid Snapshot is loaded by default

Step 2: Install the template that you want to use. Ensure that there is a  snapshot listed above for the template that you want to use.

Step 3: Install the snapshot for that specific template. If you load the front end of your site you should see the new template properly configured using the content from the sample data from the core package.

Step 4: If you want to try out another snapshot then you can simple follow Step2 and then step 3 again. eg Install the Woodflower template and then install the woodflower snapshot.


What if when I refresh the front end of my site all I see is the default Milk Way template?

This may occur if the template you installed has a different name to the one referenced in the snapshot that you installed. You can try navigating to you template manager in your admin and applying the desired template as the default template for your site.

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