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      • 3 Months

        • $


          AUD Approx $41 USD
        • 3 Months Access
        • 1 Domain Limit
        • Ticket & Forum Support

      • 12 Months

        • $


          AUD Approx $75 USD
        • 12 Months Access
        • 5 Domain Limit
        • Ticket & Forum Support

      • 6 Month Developer

        • $


          AUD Approx $129 USD
        • 6 Months Access
        • Unlimited Domains
        • Ticket & Forum Support
        • Rebranding
        • Customisation Support

      • Developer

        • $


          AUD Approx $200 USD
        • 12 Months Access
        • Unlimited Domains
        • Ticket & Forum Support
        • Rebranding
        • Customisation Support

      • Lifetime Developer

        • $


          AUD Approx $465 USD
        • Lifetime Access
        • Unlimited Domains
        • Ticket & Forum Support
        • Rebranding
        • Customisation Support

      • Free access to support forum.

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Additional Services

The following services are available to all subscribers who have a current subscription and can be purchased from your profile page.

Template Rebranding - $29 AUD.

This service gives you permission to remove the Joomlabamboo logo and link as featured on the demo site for the template. This option is available for all subscriptions other than developer subscriptions which are automatically given permission to remove the Joomlabamboo logo.

Quickstart Express - $49 AUD

This service involves us setting up the quickstart package on your server. The quickstart package is a snapshot of the demo site that enables you to get online and adding content without any of the template setup. This service is not available for windows servers.

Subscription Upgrades

It is possible to upgrade your subscription if you need to change the length or level of the subscription. Please contact us via the contact form for information on how to go about upgrading your subscription.

Coupons for renewing members

As a big thank you to past and current members we offer two coupons that can be used to renew your subscription. Current members can use the coupon "jbrenewal" to receive 20% off the renewal price and past members can use "jbrenewal2" to receive 10% off the price of renewal.

More Questions?

For more frequently asked questions visit our faq or send us a message via our contact form.

Do your subscriptions auto-renew?

Our subscriptions do not auto-renew. Each payment is a one off payment and you can continue to use the template on your site after your subscription has expired.

What does the domain limit mean?

All non-developer licenses have an implied limit for the number of domains you can use our Joomla templates on. You can use multiple templates on a single domain and have it count towards only one domain entitlement.

What is template rebranding?

Rebranding means that you have permission to remove the Joomlabamboo logo form the bottom right corner of the template. Instructions for doing this in the Zen Grid Framework templates can be found here.

What is customisation support?

Customisation support refers to the level of help we provide for customising your Joomla template. This support is provided via our forum and ticket system and is available for all developer level subscribers. This support is limited to help with changes to html and css and does not extend to customising deeper php or javascript implementation.

Can I use the template on my site after my subscription runs out?

Yes. Membership to the template club entitles you to access our download area for the time period of your subscription but any template you have downloaded during that time are yours to use for as long as you like. The number of templates you are entitled to use on concurrent sites however does not change.

What is lifetime support?

Lifetime support is available for all developer level memberships and means that developers do not have to renew their membership in order to access our support forum or ticket system.

Non-developer subscribers are required to renew their membership after their subscription has expired if they want to get access to support for our club Joomla templates or Joomla extensions.

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