How to retrieve a list of font awesome classes

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I have just released an updated version of our Zen Shortcode plugin. It's a free Joomla plugin that can be used for a wide range of features including applying the Zen Grid Framework Grid, rendering buttons and Font Awesome icons. The update is a simple update that includes Font Awesome v4.6.3.

This post is a quick overview of the tool we use to populate the list of Font Awesome icons available in the plugin. It may be helpful for other developers trying to find a convenient way to keep track of font icons used in the Font Awesome library.

What is Font Awesome?

If you are new to the idea of font icons they are in a nutshell a way to render icons or symbols on the page using a single font file rather than displaying an image for each symbol. In addition the icons can be manipulated using basic css to adjust the appearance of the symbols on your website.


Font Awesome is an open source project that includes an incredible array of icons for pretty much any use case you may need. You can view a full list of icons in Font Awesome here.

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