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Powerplay is coming - I promise

Hi folks,

I had hoped to give you good news today - well yesterday, and the day before and the day before but als it is not to be. There have been a few personal and technical reasons why the new template is so late and I wanted to take this moment to assure you that it is coming and that it is perilously close to being ready.

Powerplay is shipping with a new version of the framework that looked like it was ready for action on Monday but some pesky bugs have popped up in the new compression engine that we are implementing. Its basically meant that the 1.1 of the framework isn't quite ready for production and the new template relies too much on the new features to retrofit it to the previous version. Im certain that teh bugs will be fixed in the next day and if they aren't we will scale back the compressor until its right.

I alos wanted to restate our policy of providing the template to anyone whose subscription expired this month (after the 1st) and before the template was released. If you contact us via the contact form I will either adjust your account so you can download the files or Ill supply a link to the downloads.

Once again I apologise for the delay ... the good news is that I think you will be happy with the Powerplay theme.

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