Thursday, 21 February 2013 23:25

An advanced Joomla template theming tool


Theme magic is a non-destructive real time preview tool for your T3 powered website. 

Theme Magic makes it possible to create a multitude of theme presets and colour schemes by using a colour wheel or specific HEX values in order to manipulate pre-determined elements within the template.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 03:14

Zenbase a free Joomla 3 template


Zenbase is a vanilla / skeleton / blank / scaffold (or anything else you want to call it) Joomla 3 Template. It is a free Joomla 3 template that is an ideal starting point for your next project using Joomla 3 and T3.

Features and Download Live Preview


Please note: The Live preview of the Zen base theme features the Zentools module however the free quickstart package does not include this member only extension.

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Thursday, 14 February 2013 10:54

Inspire - our new Joomla 3 Template


Inspire is a versatile responsive Joomla template that combines dark textured / grungey backgrounds with sharp bevelled lines and an array of  elegant typography. It is our second Joomla template compatible with Joomla 3 and built on the T3 template framework.

(If you missed the news about our move to T3 check out the Zen to the power of T3 blog post from a few weeks back.)

Features Demo Download



A very mega Mega Menu

Inspire is also our first template to feature the incredible T3 mega menu.


The T3 mega menu has an intuitive visual interface that makes building complex menu structures a breeze. You have full control of the width, size, columns, rows and content of each menu item or block of items, which are all controlled via an easy to use visual interface.


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Sunday, 20 January 2013 11:40

Grid3 - A Joomla 3 template

Joomla 3 template

I'm very happy to announce the availability of our first Joomla 3 Template release.

I've been wanting to do a third and responsive version of our popular Grid and Grid2 templates for soem time now and thought that the release of our first joomla3 template was a good time to do it. 

Grid3 is a beautiful bootstrap and T3 powered (read about our recent change here) Joomla template which is the perfect companion for any artist, photographer or image based web site. Iyt has some incredible functionality built in courtesy of T3 and is fast, lightweight and responsive.

I'll be writing more in the coming days about our new workflow with working woth Joomla 3 and bootstrap but for now check out these important links below:

Live Demo  Download Features

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Thursday, 13 December 2012 22:44

Zen and the art of Joomla templating

zengrid426Earlier this month I spoke about the Melbourne Joomla day that will be held on the 19-20 January in 2013 and I hinted at a developer focussed session I will be running based on the Zen Grid Framework, Zentools and Zenkit.

This session is in addition to the talk I'll be giving about more general templating strategies during the conference program and will focus on getting into the nitty gritty of developing Joomla templates using our framework and other zen products.

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CollectorDocImageI'm happy to announce the release of our December Joomla template - Collector. 

Collector is an all in one Social media collecting / streaming theme that can pool and display content from your favourite social media sources.


Live Preview   Download   Features



The activity stream can source content from all of your favourite networks, including:

  • flickr
  • facebook
  • tumblr
  • twitter
  • pinterest
  • dribbble
  • youtube
  • vimeo


The stream itself is easy to control via the template administrator with the ability to limit the total number of items displayed as well as the number of items displayed froma  particular source.


Don't like it skinny? or not so social?

The demo for the Collector template shows the activity stream in a reasonably narrow frontpage with slightly wider sub pages. I'm quite fond of thinner page layouts but if you like them wider, thats easily fixed by changing the width assigned to the front page of the site. Equally if you don't need to tell the world about the stuff you like, then you can easily disable the activity stream via the template admin.


We were late again.

If your subscription ran out between the first of December and the 13th of December and you would like to get a copy of this template - please email us via the contact form and we will put you in touch with the files.


Joomla 3.0 and Zen Grid Framework 2.4

As you can see our timing is a little bit out with this release and so it's placed us a little bit behind with our longer term tasks such as Joomla 3.0 compatibility for the framework as well as updates for all v2 themes to v2.4 to take advantage of some of the new features. These are all coming and I still hope to start rolling out the first Joomla 3.0 themes out before the end of the year.

I'll post an update regarding progress on this in the middle of next week to keep you all in the loop.


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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 06:37

A month of minimal Joomla templates


I'm often surprised by how popular our simpler and more minimal Joomla templates are. Along with themes like corporate, lifestyle and the recent Highline I often see less complex themes like simpleshop, zen default and rasa featuring at the top of our download stats.  

So this month rather than bringing you a single template release, we would like to introduce Zen Building Blocks.  The Zen Building Blocks are a set of five responsive Joomla templates that are designed to be ideal starting points for your Joomla web projects. 


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And now we return you to your normally schedule program ...

The Intrepid Joomla template is our first template release in the last two months.

I explained in this blog some of the reasons why we had fallen behind schedule and despite my best efforts, my estimate regarding Intrepid's release date proved to be a little optimistic.

So in an effort to draw the proverbial line in the sand that I spoke so valiantly about, Intrepid is now our July template release and all members have been given an extra two months to compensate for skipping the previous two months.

With this revised schedule we will have the August template release available in the first week of August and thus we will be back on track to release all future templates within the first week of the month.


And so what about Intrepid?

Well I'm glad you asked ... Intrepid is the latest of our responsive Joomla templates that has a tonne of intelligent browser scaling and switching that will make your clients love you and keep you fixated on resizing your browser when developing your site.

The Intrepid Joomla template is a stylish mix of business, blog, news portal and gallery rolled into one with all of the power and flexibility of our Zen Grid Framework, Zentools and Zenkit power tools.


View the demo |  Read the documentation | Download.

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I've just released the Corporate Joomla template which is one of my personal favorite responsive joomla templates to date. It's a clean design that features a background slideshow, some elegant pixelated styling, a whopping 26 colour schemes, support for our brand new Zenkit K2 templates. In addition to this Corporate is available in a our newly realised quickstart packages (see below).

As I mentioned in the post announcing the template, Corporate is a more business savvy version of our popular Lifestyle template that was released back in January of this year. We went a little overboard on this template in terms of Colour schemes and so you can choose from 26 Colour schemes, 18 different button hilites and a selection of useful and colourful module classes.

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Tuesday, 06 March 2012 00:01

A sticky nav for your Joomla template


Yesterday I announced v2.2.0 of the Zen Grid Framework and the addition of a new option for treating your navigations on small screens. Another new feature added to the framework in this release (and most of the framework v2 Joomla templates) is the sticky nav.


A sticky nav?

You have probably seen this effect before and in fact it's something we implemented on both the Colourshift and the Lifestyle Joomla templates. The effect basically makes the menu "stick" to the top of the browser window after the user as scrolled down a nominated distance from the top of the page.


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