26 Oct 2012


Most of our members will already know that subscriptions to our Joomla template club are priced using US Dollars. In an effort to make our life a little easier and process our accounts faster,  I've just changed our prices from USD to AUD.


What does this mean to our customers?

The difference in USD and AUD at the moment is very minimal and has been for the best part (or perhaps more) of the last 12 months. The currency change will only mean an extra few dollars across all of our subscriptions. 

Current exchange rate for USD to AUD is sitting at $1 AUD is worth $1.03 USD.


What does this mean to us?

The benefit to us ( I hope) will be considerable given that we will now be dealing solely in Australian dollars which will make our accounting processes a lot more transparent. In addition to this, we will also avoid Paypal's (how shall we put it?) "creative" conversation rates when making a withdrawal from a foreign currency. This will actually improve our bottom line and allow us to give more back in the way of coupons.

Please note: This is a trial change and we may or may not revisit this further down the track.


Coupons? Did someone say coupon?

As a sweetener for this low impact change in our system you can grab a 20% discount off any subscription by using the coupon "USDTOAUD". This coupon will be valid until Monday morning Australian time.


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